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Community Service, Summer Mentorship Programs, Family 5K Bike Ride (Coming Soon)

Join Us in Laurel, Maryland on May 13, 2023 @8AM

On May 13-14th, Join us as we build a BuddBoyZinc Mentorship Programs 2023 Green House Project (Upper Marlboro, Maryland), 5K Bike Ride (Laurel, Maryland); and BBiBrotherhood Arts Academy (TBD). Location: Tentative/Proposed: Prince George’s County/Laurel, MD 20707. We will be meeting-up to have our annual 3.1 family-bike ride in Laurel, Maryland. Stay tune for more information at www.BuddBoyz.com 

BuddBoyZinc 5K Bike Ride (3.1) on May 13th 2023. Laurel, Maryland 20707

BuddBoyZinc 5K Bike Ride Award from BBiBrotherhood Arts Academy Competition (Gold, Silver, & Bronze) on May 13th 2023; and Greenhouse Build on May 13-14th Volunteers Needed. Email Us @ [email protected]

Get more feedback… It’s the Winter of 2023; are you using an indoor trainers (right now)? The weather here in Laurel, Maryland today is around Low 35 degrees; Going up-to 49 degrees by sunset on 01/17/2023. Stay tuned! 5K Bike Registration (Below: Stay In Touch). BE SAFE! LET’S RIDE @ BBiBrotherhood Academy.

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OsofoMODixonPHD (Director at BuddBoyZinc) a.k.a. Dr. Michael O. Dixon, LDN, CNS, CFSM (Experimental Nutritionist/Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist/Certified Nutrition Specialist/Certified Food Service Manager)

BuddBoyZinc Nutritional Sciences in the DMV

Dr. Mike O. Dixon, Nutritionist in the DMV